What Is Freelance Writing And How You Can Get In It

When I first heard of making money through online writing, the idea appeared too good to be true. And it is really that good an idea – some disbelief is indispensable. But the moment I started hearing more about it from my peers, the interest-meter started soaring high without much fuel. And that is when I decided to reconsider the idea more seriously. From my personal journey, I have learnt a lot about the freelance writing industry and things that come with it.

In this free guide, I will take you through some of the most frequent questions that come across aspiring freelance writers. Go ahead, surprise yourself.

Freelance writing jobs: is the money real?

When writing for the web, the one thing that no one wants is to get cheated. And the warning is not fake either – people have been cheated in the past. But that does not have to be the case with you. And yes, there’s a lot of real money for the taking too. If you are successful in going about jobs the way you should, you should be able to claim your share soon.

What is ghostwriting and academic writing?

These are terms that you will come across naturally when looking for online writing jobs. Ghostwriting is the simple practice of writing for someone else without claiming credits for the work at a later stage. Most forms of academic assignments belong to this category.

Academic assignments are slightly different from regular creative writing jobs in that there is a great deal of research, insight and subjective knowledge involved in the job. Academic writing is a highly rewarding form of ghostwriting.

The question of ethics

Here are some of the most prominent ethic-based questions that arise in the minds of new writers:

  • Is it legal to engage in freelance writing on behalf of someone?
  • What are the potential risks involved in the job?
  • Do you have a claim to the written work?

Let’s take these one by one. Firstly, there is no question of legality. A paid contract of online writing cannot be illegal in nature. There are some risks involved. However, they can be negotiated safely with some projection. And the payer takes the credit for the written work. Refer to the ghostwriting agreement for more insight on this.

Scope for growth

This is where you should focus most of your energies. As an online writer, you should be aiming to grow with each new project. And it can only happen if you look to fish for good projects with every new online writing job opportunity that comes across to you. At times, it is wise to keep filling the job slots even if you do not have a lot to show for the job.

Career relevance

When taking new projects, keep in mind the relevance it will have on your career in the larger scenario. Keep adding to your expertise as a writer with every new project scored on the book.

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