How To Start Freelance Writing Job

If you have your own way with words, and have some free time at hand, there is no reason why you cannot mix both in a test tube and find some money coming out of the fumes. Yes, that’s right. The web has plenty of opportunities for budding writers to score projects and make money from freelance writing.

It might sound a little fancy at the start, but take it from us – there are scores of writers who have already gone on to make it big in the field and many of them even quit their jobs and turned full-time writers.

Freelance writing jobs: start with caution

While the promises in the freelancing industry sound big and healthy, there is a great chance of writers going astray. The three basic reasons for this are:

  1. Competition within the industry: To be fair, the web writing industry is largely saturated with writers in almost every domain. The experienced writers offer stiff competition to the newer players and the weight of their portfolios is often a tad too much to beat.
  2. Inexperience of new writers: When you start anew in an industry, the threat is not just from the established professionals of the industry upfront. You have an equal threat from your own inexperience too. And it does not go away with one or two projects.
  3. Lack of projection: It is one thing to be able to score new jobs and complete them. And it is a completely different ballgame to gather a sense of projection about online writing. This is where the experienced writers have a clear edge - they’re able to tell which job is better for them by merely looking at the mark.

Despite all these challenges, a barrage of new writers is joining the industry each year and successfully getting absorbed as well. How does that happen?Well-known companies, like, provide online writing jobs for college students and gives them an opportunity to start a writing career earlier, get real experience and earn money.

The industry-scape is ever-expanding

The one reason so many writers join the industry every year and so few of them (if at all any) every leave, is that there is plenty of scope for everyone in this industry. Almost every person with a business will need a writer’s help at some point in time.

With this expanding industry presence, more and writers are likely to land an online writing job of their personal looking.

Innovation feeds on content

The web thrives on innovation. There is a lot of room for expansive content that supports such innovation.

For example, every other job at gives you ample opportunity to put your skill and expertise at work. That is made possible because of the high level of innovation they put into every new project.

You should look to continue working with people who have this limitless appetite for innovation. Keep a watch for projects that are fit for your skills.

New job roles are coming up

The innovation in the web seeps into academic writing pretty naturally. And not just that, it runs quite deep too. Almost everyone in the industry has a take of their own when it comes to managing projects individually.

This leaves a wide space for new people aspiring for an academic writing job. This also means people who are genuinely talented have a very negligible chance of being left out.

Content is still king

When it comes to the web, very few pieces move from one place to another without content. This is the singular greatest reason so many content writing jobs are still up for the grab. If you are open enough to opportunities, it is only a matter of time before you find a role that is a suitable match for your skills.

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